Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Happy 2013 as I saunter back to my much ignored blog,  ignored as not much has been happening with my art. I have however moved state (again) and have been setting up a new kind of life after the death of my mother and now find myself in the Byron Bay hinterland. The absence of art has mainly been because I don't have a decent studio/working space but really that is no excuse, people have made more with much less space than I. But I find if I have a good work space that allows my mind to be open and expansive then it generates an equal kind of output. So hopefully 2013 will bring about, among other things, a great big open inspiring work space and hopefully a bit more energy as I work through my grief.

Meanwhile Kirra Jamison and I caught up while she was in Byron Bay and she was kind enough to invite me to participate in her food blog Keke. So check it out for a stalk into my dwelling in the Byron Bay Hills or for a recipe or two.

Meanwhile 2013 promises some art as I have shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Tamworth Regional Gallery - more on that stuff soon.

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